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We provide very good quality of our SOS Kraft paper bags.

With one of the main and the biggest suppliers of raw materials have a contract, which we can guarantee always the same quality of paper.

The bags are properly packed in very good quality of cardboard boxes in order to avoid problems with transportations.

Bags are usually packed on a following way:

Large bags________8 rows X 11 boxes in a row X 250 bags in a boxes = 22.000 bags on one Pallet

Medium bags______8 rows X 14 boxes in a row X 250 bags in a boxes = 28.000 bags on one Pallet

Small bags_______15 rows X 9 boxes in row X 250 bags in a boxes = 33.750 bag on one Pallet


The pallets are properly strached, and dimensions of pallets are 120x100 mm.

Everything is perfect in order to avoid any problems in transportation.


Any other way of packaging is possible per customer requests.